“One of the attractions for me of working with VBS is that they have a very similar mind-set in terms of bringing value to the organization.”

– Igor Chuprinin

“VBS has a team of knowledgeable and experienced people, who have deep understanding of Russian market. We have been working with them for last 6 months and are very happy with the results..”

– Mr. Kaushal Rai

“VBS has proved highly effective in assisting the development of our “Go to the market strategy” for our operations in India. Their services have always been highly professional, delivered on time and with very satisfactory outcomes.”

– Mr. Dmitri Ivashenko

“We received twice the service we paid for, and continue to receive professional advice on a regular basis from VBS.”

– Mr. Akhil Gupta

“So far it’s been a tremendous experience with VBS in general because you guys have really met our expectations. It’s been quite amazing. I am very happy with your professionalism and service. I would gladly recommend you and your company to anyone interested in your service. Thank you Guys, you are doing our business a great service.”

– Mr. Boris Shividov