Market Consultancy

Marketing strategy is a heart of business strategy and plays a crucial role in growth of any company. Marketing strategy determines what should be offered to whom, how to present them, at what price and how to reach and attract them more effectively to achieve overall marketing goals.

Deciding such go-to-market strategies that fits best with overall business strategy always remain a challenge for marketers. VBS help those marketers by evaluating, fine-tuning and developing result oriented marketing strategies that meet customer needs better than competitors and develop long-term profitable relationships with those customers.

We develop 360° Marketing Strategy for our clients which includes,

  • Segmentation Strategy – ″Identify your potential customers″
  • Market Targeting Strategy – ″Choose most profitable customers to target″
  • Positioning Strategy– ″Build unique image in the mind of customers″
  • Product Strategy– ″Create value to satisfy needs of customers″
  • Pricing Strategy– ″Set a profitable price that customers can afford″
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy- ″Communicate Customer Value and create brand equity″
  • Distribution Strategy – ″Reach customers effectively to deliver value″
  • Branding Strategy – ″Build a strong Brand″
  • Sales Strategy – ″Convert prospects into profitable customers″
  • Digital Marketing Strategy – ″Attract and win online customers″
  • Customer Service Strategy – ″Serve your customers better″
  • Product Launch Strategy – ″Get introduced the way it creates buzz in market ″
  • Marketing Organization – ″Select right people for right tasks″
  • Financial Plan – ″Set revenue goals and ensure profitability″
  • Implementation Schedule – ″What activities to be done by whom and when″

While developing marketing strategies we mainly focus on customers current and emerging needs and clients capabilities to satisfy those needs. Analyzing client’s current situation both in internal & external environment to understand clients current capabilities, readiness to build required capabilities and identify opportunities available in market, VBS’s marketing strategy consultant build innovative and result oriented go-to-market strategies.

Implementation Support

We do not keep our clients in middle of the way but also help them to reach at the destination by providing strategy implementation support. Our experts work with client at each stage of strategy implementation to produce expected results and achieve growth objectives.

Our Implementation support services includes,

  • Supervising and monitoring implementation process
  • Advising Marketing Director/Head for implementing marketing strategy in effective way
  • Solving the problems arises during each stage of marketing strategy implementation process
  • Briefing creative strategy to advertising agencies.
  • Decision support in selecting concepts and designs of promotional and marketing collaterals
  • Analyzing sales and implementation process periodically
  • Midterm review of recommended marketing strategy
  • Participating in selection of key sales and marketing executives
  • Identify need of training program for senior and junior level sales and marketing executives
  • Thought leadership to key decision makers.